Indian classical Music Concert by Raghunath Manet Petit Palais, Paris 24 November 2016

24 novembre 2016

Veteran musician Raghunath Manet, a prolific composer, presented a musical Concert at Petit Palais, Paris on 24 November 2016 with his new album "KARMA". The master composer presented unexpected surprises: the American singer Princess Angelique Monet sang ‘Summer Time’ to pay tribute to Dr. Balamurali Krishna”, a legendary Carnatic musician. In addition, the subtle play of veena by Raghunath Manet to the song ‘Life in Pink’ by singer Laura Clauzel mesmerized the audience.
During this extraordinary musical concert, the master composer Raghuanth Manet played different pieces of his compositions:
1) VARANA- Dedicated to the god Ganesh, so as to remove any obstacle
2) HAPPY END- A composition dedicated to all mothers who have left our world
3) RAGHUNATH JATHI- The rhythmic syllables of Raghunath to the sound of the drums
4) VEENA SUN- A composition of Raghunath describing his memories between heaven and earth
5) RAGHUNATH TANAM- Veena solo, a special game for the veena
6) SUMMERTIME-American singer Princess Angelique Monet and Raghunath Manet paid homage to veteran Carnatic classical musician Dr. Balamurali Krishna
7) TRINIDAD- A composition that Raghunath Manet dedicated to the Indians of the West Indies
8) KATRINILAE- A solo of veena evoking the beauty of Tamil poetry
9) LIFE IN ROSE- Singer Laura Clauzel answers by the air of Edith Piaf to the sound of the veena
10) RAGHUNATH AIGIRI- A composition full of energy evoking the shakti, creative energy
The brilliant performance of Manet enthralled the audience and they went into raptures. Ambassador of India His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar felicitated the musician Raghunath Manet for his scintillating performance.